If you don‘t base your decisions on solid evidence you might as well read tea leaves.

The heart of our intelligence system is real-time data captured on a daily basis and condensed into detailed briefings for crisis situations.

We develop bespoke solutions and applications that provide you with an overview of the most important company-related critical issues and clarity on whether these problems may harm the reputation of your brand. These analyses are based on global print, online and social media tracking and are delivered real-time.

CPN’s Virtual Crisis Room unites all relevant documents and information in a browser-based software suite. This allows, for example, for journalist contact history to be recorded, current media events to be matched with the media professionals’ files, shared calendars to be established, important documents for crisis management to be centrally managed, or ‘nasty questions’ and the responses thereto to be tracked. In short, the Virtual Crisis Room synchronizes all content, processes, and developments of crisis management in a central software suite. Current information is thus available at the touch of a button. A sophisticated user-management system ensures that only information is displayed that the user is authorized to receive.

When it comes to being informed early, it is crucial to monitor print, online, and social media. Our media monitoring includes some 20,000 print media worldwide, more than 50,000 online media, and 200 million social-media sources. Automatic pre-filters also help to cope with large amounts of data when a broad range of topics and vigorous discourse need to be covered. A specialized team of 100 editors covers 30 languages and helps to reliably filter the really relevant information from the data flow and as part of crisis management to immediately send it to the appropriate bodies. Monitoring occurs continuously and can, depending on the situation, be operated alternately in stand-by or intensive mode and linked to additional measures related to crisis management.