Crisis protection can only be achieved with a fully trained crisis team.

Our training sessions are tailored to your requirements. They incorporate the procedures and systems within your organisation and bring out the leaders and team-players in all constellations.

In our crisis simulations we prepare you for potential escalation of a crisis, enabling you to gain insights in preparing handling strategies and argumentation.
The phases of the crisis are staged for maximum effect and „real-life“ practical experience.

Good negotiation skills are never more important than during a crisis. You need to be able to effectively negotiate with all your stakeholders – be they activists, trade unions, employees or victims.
Our intensive negotiation training according to the Harvard Concept can prepare you for effective negotiation in a crisis and beyond.

We can set up and moderate special Issues Workshops for the crisis managers in your organisation. These sensitise your teams to the potential issues may have for escalation but also to look at opportunities for thought leadership which proactively addressing an issue may bring.

No doubt the media can play a central role in determining the outcome of a crisis. Being prepared to face the TV cameras, reporters and stakeholders in a crisis situation requires practice. Our trainings can get you fit to handle the media and to answer critical questions authentically and convincingly.